The Ecosystem


A Vibrant Environment of Opportunities

OpenValley is a collection of innovation hubs perfectly synergizing startups and organizations with ideas with actions.

Not solely a place to work, create, and interact, OpenValley is a hotbed of mentorship, growth with the potential for investment in groundbreaking entrepreneurs.


OpenValley is a launchpad of growth and evolution. Our innovation centers, designed with technology-driven initiatives in mind, provide an adaptable workspace that seamlessly conforms to shifting needs and project-specific requirements.

At Open Valley, startups receive a knowledge heavy environment, robust business and professional networking opportunities, and a gateway to funding. Our community members enjoy guidance of top industry experts through various curated accelerators, access to capital and investors, quality content, professional training, and ongoing opportunities for international networking.

Venture Community

In a pursuit to advance investment in Israeli technology, we have established the OpenValley finance community. This diverse and varied network enjoys first access to ripe investment opportunities centered on initiatives and startups, which we cultivate and mentor.

Numerous venture capital funds, private investors, and funding organizations are already part of the OpenValley venture community, benefiting from access to emergent ideas, innovative technologies, considerable funding rounds, and groundbreaking startups.


The necessity for spearheading internal innovation and adopting an Open Innovation approach leads many organizations to explore new disciplines. This transformational journey is based on the expertise of the OpenValley professional content team, servicing organizations across diverse sectors in Internationally.

Our innovation hubs inspire and inform, fostering direct dialogue between startups and the industry. We offer organizations a unique learning environment that addresses the challenges of corporate change and grants access to new and innovative technologies.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy

The OpenValley Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a hub for guidance, learning, and training for the new skills needed in our rapidly changing landscape. Our choice of targeted programs focuses on developing management and innovation leadership tools specifically tailored for different organizations, including startups, business organizations, government and public institutions, non-profits, universities, educators, and more.

The Academy provides a uniquely practical learning experience and forms an integral part of the OpenValley ecosystem. Our learning approach combines professional knowledge with best practices for entrepreneurs and key industry players. Through our courses, lectures, and hackathons, participants gain practical tools to lead innovation, stimulate creativity, enhance workflows, and experience the journey from idea to reality first-hand.



OpenValley Community

Our unique ecosystem at OpenValley is focused on growth and development. Established with the network's innovation hubs for technology and represented an optimal working environment designed to changing needs, opening doors to integrate into the precise ecosystem for each and every venture.

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