for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy of OpenValley serves as the network's content and consulting division. Operating with diverse audiences, including companies and organizations, educational institutions, pedagogical institutions, and of course - entrepreneurs, it's uniquely designed to provide essential knowledge.

The academy offers consulting services, education, and specialized training courses for entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies. It covers a range of topics, including innovation, processes that promote change, and creative thinking.

Our diverse mentorship programs provide a professional learning experience that is an integral part of the entrepreneurial experience, combining educational content alongside best practices from entrepreneurs and key players in the local and international industry.

Our Comprehensive Offered Services:

Professional guidance for promoting companies and initiatives

Introduction to a supportive peer community

Connection to the local ecosystem

Acceleration programs within various fields

Production of professional hackathon events for companies and organizations

Unique seminars on entrepreneurship and innovation

Investor meetings

Hosting of local and international delegations

Meetups covering a variety of topics

Workshops and inspirational lectures

Professional courses

A unique environment prompting fascinating brainstorming sessions that convey clear messages of innovation is imperative to our cause. For this reason, the "Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studies" mentorship method is based on teamwork, allowing for natural growth and innovation. The study programs are an integral part of OpenValley's ecosystem, providing exposure to entrepreneurial culture while integrating various disciplines.

The diverse mentoring tracks provided by the content division help enhance the development of unique skills required for comprehension, navigation, and leadership for professionals, given by the best instructors in the field.

The professional content framework is carefully constructed by OpenValley's pedagogical staff, collaborating with senior and leading professionals in international entrepreneurship and innovation fields.

OpenValley Academy serves as a sophisticated knowledge center for innovation and entrepreneurship. As a catalyst for the development of relevant innovation processes, more relevant now than ever for commercial companies, corporations, government, and public institutions, associations, higher education institutions, schools, and many other entities.

In addition, the network's content division specializes in developing training programs for pedagogical innovation leaders among management and teaching staff and conducts learning activities in innovation fields for teachers and students throughout the country.

The learning programs, which take place in various fields, are adapted for middle and high school students, and allow exposure to the worlds of entrepreneurship and innovation by providing tools for breakthrough thinking alongside project-based and practical experience in 21st-century skills relevant to an era of changing reality.

In this modern era, students desire unique tools in order to cope with change processes, acceleration, and uncertainty. As a result, the need to adopt up-to-date abilities such as flexible thinking, digital orientation, and the ability to adapt quickly to changes is urgent.

The diverse training program system is designed to provide answers to the many questions arising in the educational sector. Familiar teaching and learning patterns must adapt while strengthening professional knowledge, creativity levels, and the ability to implement ideas.

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