Every startup is born from a brilliant idea. The success it prospers however, depends on several external factors. At OpenValley, we strive to maximize prosperity of startups by supporting them within our community.
We do whatever it takes to ensure that companies achieve their ultimate potential.

OpenValley serves as a potential enhancing machine for startups and other technologically innovative initiatives. Our method, developed in a unique rapidly evolving ecosystem, provides an inspiring entrepreneurial workspace.

OpenValley serves as an unparalleled growth engine for startups and technology initiatives.

Our exclusive functional model is designed in a unique environment, rapidly evolving to provide an entrepreneurial, business-focused, and inspiring workspace. Startups in the OpenValley community benefit from professional guidance provided by our expert team of mentors and are exposed to a variety of precise networking opportunities. Additionally, these startups experience complete visibility within our extensive investor network, with the potential to secure investments and funding from OpenValley.

We understand that the road to achievement is a marathon, not a sprint. We specialize in providing a comprehensive library of resources that assist entrepreneurs throughout their journey.

Grounded in our innate belief that entrepreneurship comes from nurturing, as seen all across Israel, our innovation hubs are situated in developing regions outside the country's main cities. Over recent years, we have become the preferred solution for hundreds of tech initiatives that appreciate the convenience of a "close to home" workspace. We have created a unique startup community of companies operating across diverse sectors, receiving essential value and strategic knowledge, thus ensuring a clear competitive advantage.

Empowering Growth: Our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hubs

OpenValley's innovation and entrepreneurship hubs offer an inspiring workspace that provides enormous value for entrepreneurs, startups, and leading innovators. The powerful community we have created shares pertinent knowledge, fostering professionally led collaborations that ensure maximum potential of every innovative idea.

OpenValley's entrepreneurial hubs offer a variety of office solutions in flexible rental models with no long-term commitment requirements. According to varying needs, a wide range of workspace options are available, such as private offices, fully equipped meeting rooms, diverse and cozy lounge areas, along with shared work and inspiration spaces. Everything is designed to stimulate productive discussions among community members and promote professional synergy. Furthermore, tenants have access to comprehensive administrative, technical, and professional resources aimed at enabling every tenant’s focus on their core business goals and aspirations.

Our network's entrepreneurship and learning hubs are designed first and foremost for comfort while emphasizing environmental cohesion. This connection is derived from the hubs' location and integrated into their surroundings, allowing users to function in a relaxing, yet productive environment.

A Community of Entrepreneurs and Professional Mentors

Our network includes dedicated mentors, advisors, and business professionals all committed to ensuring enhanced professional development. Maintaining Israel's economic superiority, along with its continued global technological and innovative endeavors leading the market is our mission. Impressive individuals from all walks of life form the professional team at OpenValley.

Startups and companies in the OpenValley community are encouraged to participate in ongoing contemporary networking events amongst community members, business owners, and associated service providers.

As an integral part of the services offered to community members, we proactively administer professional lectures, seminars, and other "exposure opportunities”. Among the participants are potential partners, strategic investors, venture capital funds, and more. OpenValley's entrepreneurs enjoy a comprehensive package, accompanied by the best mentors in the industry, who meet with them as needed, providing professional assistance.

Funding and Investment Opportunities

Startup companies and ventures experience promising financial prospects through financing and investment opportunities offered upon joining the OpenValley community. As an essential funding and investment entity specializing in technology startups, the OpenValley network facilitates a supportive ecosystem for burgeoning businesses.

Our close and personal relationships with the initiatives in the OpenValley community allow us to make informed and grounded investments.
In addition to the network's internal investment activity and a desire to promote exceptional investments in Israeli technologies, we have built a broad and diverse community of investors exposed to pivotal investment opportunities.

We nurture companies, accompany them, and increase their chances of becoming successful. Precisely for this reason, venture capital funds, private investors, and investors choose to join us in significant funding rounds for startup companies.

Unique Operating Model

We chose to establish a significant entrepreneurial ecosystem outside of Israel's main cities to lead and advance innovation and entrepreneurship processes, which need improvement in these areas. By creating entrepreneurial areas based on the Co-Working Space model, we create a work experience that combines inspiring and valuable workspaces for entrepreneurs with connections to various entities and companies in Israel and around the world, thus accelerating their growth.

A business community is created by people, among other things, when the actual environment allows it. OpenValley hubs regularly host organizations and companies from a wide range of areas who choose to work, learn, and acquire innovative tools and creative thinking in an environment naturally conducive to growth. This unique model ensures a profound dialogue between our startups, industry, relevant markets, and academia.

We administer connections between organizations and technology leveraging our unique innovation environment as a platform for creating professional opportunities. Our entrepreneurs meet daily with organizations relevant clients and organizations that come to learn and train and are exposed to the forefront of technological solutions in areas pertinent to them. This unique synergy allows the unique ecosystem we have built to generate success stories regularly.

An Entrepreneurship

The Israeli high-tech and entrepreneurial industry is amid an unprecedented growth. Every day, countless initiatives are launched in various and diverse fields. This industry has many unique characteristics, including a specific regulatory environment, the necessity of synergy and multiple types of collaborations, and the adaptation of funding sources in all their forms. The uniqueness of OpenValley lies in providing a range of tools, knowledge, and experience tailored to the relevant needs of each company, initiative, or project.

OpenValley's AB Program for startups offers selected companies from the entrepreneurial community located within the network campuses the opportunity to join a professional and unique mentoring program specifically custom made to suit the project's needs. The program provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and companies at different stages - directed towards the target market, assistance in identifying customers, collaborations, and raising investment.

Components of the Program

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