Openvalley facilitates advancement in innovation. Those participating gain exposure to training seminars and other courses. experience, knowledge, and profound understanding of growth processes positions ensure the expert assistance of companies, organizations, public institutions, and various entities. Our proficiency and innovative mindset allow us to formulate goals that propel companies towards their future.

Within each OpenValley compound, organizations seize daily opportunities engaging with change and development. It involves fostering unique harmony with startups and specializes in innovative and contemporary management areas. Providing benefits from long-term support from our professional content division and Openvalley's unique enriching learning process is incredible.

OpenValley provides a perfect combination of services, opportunities, and business solutions for organizations. Emphasizing innovation, collaboration, knowledge, and idea exchange, they foster a disruptive and unmediated dialogue between companies, organizations, and groundbreaking technological ventures.

An extended invitation is offered to organizations and companies all across the board. Offering a broad and exclusive range of services and benefits:


Benefits &

OpenValley invites organizations and companies from all sectors to enjoy a wide and exclusive range of services and benefits:

Consulting, Accompaniment, and Training for Advancing Intra-organizational Innovation Processes

Chaperoning projects, courses, and training sessions tailored for internal organizational innovation leaders. Production of professional hackathons, specialized events, and more.

Access to Technological Opportunities Aligned with Organizational Needs

Providing comprehensive startup scouting service and exposure to various startups

Establishment of Offices in OpenValley Hubs

Access to an innovative, synergistic, and inspiring work environment.

Business Hosting Opportunities

Provision of hosting services at the network's premises for meetings, seminars, concept events, conferences, and other professional meet-ups.

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