OpenValley serves as the pinnacle of growth innovation for start-ups. Promoting startups requires patience, knowledge, and financial support. We have established a private investment system where companies in the OpenValley community can access investment opportunities for their endeavors.

We know that by nurturing companies and providing support, chances for success increase tenfold. Investment entities, venture capital funds, and private investors choose to join us in significant fundraising rounds for the developing start-ups in our innovation hubs all throughout the country because of OpenValley’s phenomenal foundation.

The desire to promote impressive investment opportunities in Israeli technology has led us to generate a broad and diverse community of investors exposed to advantageous investment opportunities.

Investment entities interested in innovative companies and advanced technologies benefit from exposure to promising investment opportunities, a comfortable platform, and various activity models.

Magical business opportunities naturally occur when groundbreaking entrepreneurs work alongside potential investors. Successful projects bloom when experienced innovators and professional mentors cooperate.

The investment community of OpenValley is exponentially expanding. The diverse community, which includes venture capital funds and investors who recognize the crucial importance of our local high-tech industry. Not only for the economic and social future of Israel, but for the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to shape reality and ensure a superior future for all.

On top of economic benefits, many companies view joining the network's investor community as a unique opportunity to become acquainted with technological initiatives from all over the country. Additionally, joining the investor community keeps participants updated by providing a reliable overview of the "Start-Up Nation's' various characteristics: fields of activity, growth rate, regional distribution, trends, and more.

As an integral part of OpenValley's unique vision, along with the pursuit of technological, social, and ethical excellence, we value our accompanying investor community for the supportive, flourishing and encouraging entity valuable to the network's portfolio companies.

Joining the OpenValley investor community is akin to expressing confidence in the unique, challenging, and not always easy path we have chosen - the persistent and determined force of the Israeli entrepreneurship industry while minimizing social gaps with complete inclusion.

Combining forces between investment entities and members of our investor community constitutes a major influence in the nation's economy, strengthening Israel's status as the leading high-tech nation in the world.

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